Our lessons provide you with the opportunity to link up with a Soundkore Instructor in our professional sound studio. Our lessons are highly customizable to focus on the skills you want to build. If you are not sure where to start, send us a demo for a free assessment to begin your lesson plan!

Private Lessons

Available in person and online.
These one-on-one lessons are customized to fit your needs. We can create a custom lesson plan to help achieve your goals as a producer.

Semi-Private Lessons

Available in person and online.
Being that a lot of electronic producers work in partners or have like-minded friends, the semi private lessons welcome the space to all of you for a combined lesson. These lessons can be tailored to meet the needs of the group at hand.

Private Lessons with Adam K

Please call or email us to inquire about price and availability. As Adam K is a touring DJ, availability varies and rates my change.

Ready to enroll?

Private Lessons: $60.00/hour

Semi-Private Lessons: $45.00/hour

For alternate payment methods, please contact us at info@soundkore.com.