Master Class

Sit down in an exclusive studio classroom setting with progressive house pioneer Adam K. Follow along in your DAW during this 2-3 day interactive course. Take your songs to the next level with an in depth, hands on look at Mixing, Sound Design, Mastering and Arrangement. Learn how to make a song from scratch and see the detail that a professional puts into every step along the way.

Who Should Apply?

Music producers and enthusiasts with some basic DAW (Ableton and Logic) knowledge. Producers of any genre, beginner to advanced, DJ’s, musicians, sound engineers and sound designers looking to take control of their production environment and to turn their ideas into sound.

Sound Design

Access to the most versatile synth on the market: Xfer Records Serum. Learn how to design bass, chord and effects sounds from the ground up.Teaching with straightforward techniques, we design sounds from simple risers, to complicated synth patches. We give you the techniques to enhance your creativity in the studio and find new possibilities through sound design.


Master the art of making fat, punchy drums that shine clean through the mix. Learn how to select the right samples for the job and get the right balance between your elements. Drums are the foundation of your song - let’s get them right!

Mixing and Mastering

Learn and apply key mixing concepts: from basic compression to more complex techniques like mid/side processing. Using the stems of the song created throughout the course, you’ll learn how to get every element sitting properly in the mix. Then, using iZotope Ozone 7, you’ll learn how to master your properly mixed song to industry standard loudness.

Soundkore Team

On top of having access to Adam K, the Soundkore team will be there to give you hands on help and answer your questions.


Get a first hand look at what techniques are used to compose the right music for the right setting. Adam K broke boundaries and made a stamp on the progressive house scene with his ability to combine melody and harmony in a synergistic way. Learn from a pro and get an edge on your music writing skills.


How do you get from a loop to an entire song? What are the elements that make a good build up? Why do some songs just sound more interesting than others? The key to all of that is in the arrangement, and with our step by step creation of a song you’ll see exactly what parts you need and where to put them.

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