Join us in the studio and see how a professional tackles the job! Seminar topics are based on our students and users interests. - new seminar content is always being developed. We will cover mixing techniques, specific genres, DAW techniques and on the special occasion a guest. With the ever evolving dance music scene, new sounds and trends are developed over night. These seminars are a great way to learn new tricks and tips and network with other like-minded producers.

All About Mixing

December 18th 6:00PM - 9:00PM

Learn the in and outs of mixing and mastering. Learning how to use Compression, EQ, Stereo Width and properly analyzing your tracks is essential to getting a good mixdown. We will start by reviewing and explaining the fundamentals, then quickly will dive into an unmixed demo project, where we will demo how to properly apply techniques to a mix. Watch how two simple mixing tools can really craft and carve your whole song to a cleaner, louder more rich product. We will talk about our go to EQ's and compressors and why we would use them for different situations. From unique side-chain techniques, vocal processing and a brief intro to mid/side processing, prepare to bring a pen and paper to take notes.
If you're looking to step your productions up to industry level loudness and clarity this seminar is for you!

Trap / Dubstep: Drums and Sound Design

To Be Announced

Learn how to make a 140-150 bpm festival banger with gnarly synths, ripping vocal samples and booming 808's. We will analyze between the best of artists out there right now, for example Skrillex, NGHTMRE, Zomboy, and deconstruct the elements that make their songs so great. In a demo project we will show you how to recreate the elements in this style. Come learn how to get powerful drums, bass and synths that sit properly together in the mix and meet other like-minded producers.

Writing with Adam K: Composition and Sound Design

To Be Announced

Come learn with one of the pioneers of progressive house, Adam K, in an exclusive studio setting. Having built his career off of chords and melodies, Adam has designed this seminar for producers who want to focus on writing effective music to bring their songs to life. See how to design ageless synths, and apply new modern techniques. Join now and enhance your creativity in the studio.

Bass House: Drums and Sound Design

To Be Announced

Learn what goes into making an effective bass house song. To begin, we're going to compare and analyze a few different songs of the genre to get a sense of mix down, sound design, and arrangement. Then we'll open up a demo project in Ableton to show you exactly what's going on to get to that end point. Powerful drums with shuffling percussion, wobbly FM bass patches that range from lazy to angry - come join us for this seminar and you'll walk away with a new perspective and a bag of tricks to inspire your bass house productions!

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